Paiute Cove

Paiute Cove


Paiute Cove Pad PRE-SALES

Beginning in February 2016, Entrada Realty will begin pre-selling eight (8) Paiute Cove Building Pads at a discounted price. These 8 Building Pads will be sold as a “metes and bounds” description, which will be converted to a Pad Description as soon as the Paiute Cove neighborhood plat is recorded, in early 2016.

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Paiute Cove

Paiute Cove will be the first residential neighborhood to be developed at the Jepson Canyon Resort project. There will be 18 "Patio Home" Pads for sale, coupled with one of three Patio Home floorplans. A "Patio Home Pad" is described as the exact area on which one of the three Patio Homes, available for purchase, will be constructed. All of the ground around, behind and in front of the Patio Home will be owned by the Home Owners Association and therefore, all yard maintenance will be handled by the HOA and the cost included in the owner's monthly HOA dues.

The three Patio Home models to choose from range from approximately 1860 sq. ft. to 2290 sq. ft. A basement option is available for each model, if so desired.

Floor Plans

Reservation Form

If you are interested in purchasing a Patio Home Pad in Paiute Cove, please download the reservation form above and mail to:

Jepson Canyon Resort
P.O. Box 1026
St. George, UT 84771

Or you can fax it to: (435) 674-7588