Adventures With Hank

Day trips from Apple Valley or St. George are now available to many incredible off-road sites. Travel in a comfortable 4x4 vehicle to:

Whitmore Canyon

Whitmore Canyon, where most of the rafters of the Colorado River exit the river. After an exciting 4-wheel drive trip to a cliff overlooking the Colorado River about 500 feet below, hike down the old mule trail to the Colorado river and be one of the few people who can say that they have "waded in the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon."


Kanab Point

Another incredible vista of the Grand Canyon is Kanab Point, where the Kanab Creek intersects the Colorado River. If there wasn't a Grand Canyon National Park, there would be a Kanab Creek National Park - it is that spectacular!


Toroweap Overlook

This overlook of the Grand Canyon is ranked by National Geographic as the "best overlook in the U.S."



NOTE: There are many more exciting day trips available. Picnic lunch is included.

Reservations: Call 1-855-680-1700 for details and costs.